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Three Alternative Sports You Should Get Into

Lacrosse gearAs a sports fan, regular football, basketball, and baseball games can be exciting, but there may be times where you are in the mood for something new. If your favorite team is not playing, but you are still itching to be invested in a great game, we recommend checking out the following alternative sports.

CrossFit Games

Watching people workout may not be your first thought, but the variety and intensity that is incorporated into CrossFit can make for a great show. In these games, you will witness events such as weight throws, handstand walks, obstacle course runs, and so much more. If you enjoy watching obstacle course-themed reality shows, the CrossFit games might be right up your alley.


The world of eSports has grown tremendously in recent years, and though it may seem odd watching people play video games, the matches can be captivating. Instead of relying on physical fitness, eSports relies solely on the player’s strategic ability, which can make for an exciting game.


If you are looking for something closer to the sports you know and love, lacrosse games can be fascinating for the whole family to watch. Simply order a pizza in Countryside, IL, from Kenny’s Irish Pub and sit down with your family to watch the latest lacrosse league game.

Football Season is Here!

Football fans watching the game in a sports barWith football season in full swing, there is no better place to enjoy the next game than at Kenny’s Irish Pub! Our sports bar is fully equipped to provide you with great food, drinks, and the perfect spot to watch your team play with friends and the community. We have a great selection of beer and pizza in Countryside, IL, to keep you going through every touchdown and fumble.

If you are sick of sitting at home, come to Kenny’s Irish Pub to enjoy food and drinks with your friends and family. We are always playing the latest game so you can monitor the score without neglecting family time. We offer a variety of delicious beers on tap, and we offer everything from fantastic pizza to a variety of different flavored wings.

We also offer a variety of sandwiches and appetizers to appeal to any food preference. Bring the kids to enjoy a great time out on what could be a regular boring night. There is nothing like watching the game in a room full of people rooting for the same team, so visit Kenny’s Irish Pub during the next game this football season.

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