Three Alternative Sports You Should Get Into

Lacrosse gearAs a sports fan, regular football, basketball, and baseball games can be exciting, but there may be times where you are in the mood for something new. If your favorite team is not playing, but you are still itching to be invested in a great game, we recommend checking out the following alternative sports.

CrossFit Games

Watching people workout may not be your first thought, but the variety and intensity that is incorporated into CrossFit can make for a great show. In these games, you will witness events such as weight throws, handstand walks, obstacle course runs, and so much more. If you enjoy watching obstacle course-themed reality shows, the CrossFit games might be right up your alley.


The world of eSports has grown tremendously in recent years, and though it may seem odd watching people play video games, the matches can be captivating. Instead of relying on physical fitness, eSports relies solely on the player’s strategic ability, which can make for an exciting game.


If you are looking for something closer to the sports you know and love, lacrosse games can be fascinating for the whole family to watch. Simply order a pizza in Countryside, IL, from Kenny’s Irish Pub and sit down with your family to watch the latest lacrosse league game.

Football Season is Here!

Football fans watching the game in a sports barWith football season in full swing, there is no better place to enjoy the next game than at Kenny’s Irish Pub! Our sports bar is fully equipped to provide you with great food, drinks, and the perfect spot to watch your team play with friends and the community. We have a great selection of beer and pizza in Countryside, IL, to keep you going through every touchdown and fumble.

If you are sick of sitting at home, come to Kenny’s Irish Pub to enjoy food and drinks with your friends and family. We are always playing the latest game so you can monitor the score without neglecting family time. We offer a variety of delicious beers on tap, and we offer everything from fantastic pizza to a variety of different flavored wings.

We also offer a variety of sandwiches and appetizers to appeal to any food preference. Bring the kids to enjoy a great time out on what could be a regular boring night. There is nothing like watching the game in a room full of people rooting for the same team, so visit Kenny’s Irish Pub during the next game this football season.

Contact us today at (708) 354-0991 for information about our sports bar. We are located in Countryside, IL, near the Salem Square Shopping Center.

The Top 3 Beers to Have on Tap this Fall

Assorted beers in a flightWhen you own a sports bar in Countryside, IL, one sure way to draw in customers this season is to have an impressive selection of fall beers on tap. Fall beers, especially craft beers, are trendy and when your bar has the best of the best, word will travel fast.

Below are three solid fall beers to have on tap this season.

  1. Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin is the ultimate fall staple, and plenty of big name and craft breweries make delicious pumpkin ales during the fall. This ale will provide a seasonal taste with a great mix of hops and malt to accompany anyone’s beer preference.

  1. American Brown Ale

Brown ales can be a great compliment to the fall season. These beers can come in a variety of flavors that are ideally suited for fall weather and can contain nutty, caramel, and toffee notes that are perfect for a chilly evening at the bar.

  1. Red Ale

Red ales are a great way to bring the Halloween vibes to your bar. Many varieties contain a great balance of citrusy hops and caramel malt to create a perfect fall festival taste. Red ale is the perfect beer to cater to a horror-themed night as it gets closer to October 31st.

How to Score with Fantasy Leagues

Group of male friends eating at a sports barWhat was once a fun game between friends has now turned into a multi-billion dollar business. Fantasy sports leagues are increasingly popular with hardcore and casual sports fans all across the country. Fans will make an online selection of real players and “draft” them into their fantasy team. The online database then compiles the game-statistics of each player to determine which team is doing the best out of friends and family in the fantasy league.

Whether it’s time for fantasy football, baseball, or other sports, there are a variety of ways your local sports bar can cater to fantasy players.

Drafting Parties

Drafting your fantasy team is half the fun, so make it even more enjoyable by putting together your team with excellent drinks and food. Bring your family and friends to draft your teams together and also meet new people to compete against in the upcoming league.

Compete with the Bar

If your local pub in La Grange, IL, is running their own team, you can compete with your local hangout to win some gift cards, drinks, or other prizes.

At our pub in La Grange, IL, we are always looking for new ways to incorporate fans of all sports, fantasy, and reality. If you are a fantasy league player, visit Kenny’s Irish Pub for great food, drinks, and fun.

How a Pub Can Use Video Games to Bring in Revenue

Video game controller buttonsMany of those who grew up with video games in the 80s and 90s are now at the age where they can enjoy a drink at a bar surrounded by their friends. By adding video game nights into the mix, any pub in La Grange, IL, can find success. Offering an arcade or video game themed night provides simple entertainment for all; great food, great drinks, and an enjoyable time playing with their friends.

A video game night can be a great way to bring in additional revenue to your bar, as the more enjoyable and competitive the games, the longer people will stay and continue ordering. One great way to get people to stay engaged is to offer a variety of sports games alongside the appropriate season. Offer Madden tournaments during football season or FIFA while the soccer pros are facing off. You can incentivize the tournaments by offering a free meal or gift card to the winner(s).

Offering gaming tournaments is also a great way to boost your slower nights. If Tuesday nights are generally slow, schedule a racing game tournament to bring people in on days they may usually not frequent the bar. Not only is this a great revenue boost, but it provides people with something exciting to do on the usually boring weekdays.

Aside from offering more complex games for tables, you can also set up older, simpler games directly at the bar. This provides consistent entertainment for those who may be a few drinks in, as the controls are much easier to grasp than those of a complicated Xbox game.

If you are interested in playing video games at a pub in La Grange, IL, contact Kenny’s Irish Pub today to ask about when our next gaming night or tournament is being held.

3 Ways to Eat French Fries during the Football Season

French friesWatching your favorite football team play is the best way to spend any weekend. French fries are a great snack to enjoy both back home and at your local sports bar in Countryside, IL. Below are three ways you can kick your fries up a notch for the perfect Sunday game snack.

  1. Oven Fries with Butter, Garlic, and Herbs

Slice up some potato wedges and cover them with butter, garlic, and herbs and crisp them up in the oven. Not only are these a healthier alternative to greasy fryers, but they taste delicious while watching your team score the winning touchdown. You won’t even want ketchup with how good these fries taste on their own.

  1. Baked Chili Cheese Fries

Nothing says weekend game food like a delicious batch of chili cheese fries. Take the recipe up a notch by baking them in the oven to melt the cheese and bring the whole dish together. This classic recipe is hard to find on many menus, but Kenny’s Irish Pub is still serving up this delicious bar food staple.

  1. Sweet Potato Fries

If you’re looking to switch up your flavors, opt for sweet potato fries instead of the usual spuds. You can pair these with a variety of dipping sauces that may not be suitable for regular fries, such as brown sugar, maple syrup, and chipotle lime.

How a Bar and Restaurant can Benefit from Social Media

Appetizer sampler and a glass of beer in a pubThere are plenty of restaurants and bars in La Grange, IL, but ensuring yours is the one that sticks out the most can be a tough task to tackle. When it comes to advertising the many great drinks and menu items being offered, social media can be a great way to attract customers long before they are thinking about food or happy hour specials.

Presentation is Crucial

When advertising food and drink-centered business on social media, your presentation is crucial to drawing in a crowd. Low-quality photos of your product and facility will not appeal to those looking for something new to try. By showing off the quality of your food, drinks, and bar setting, you will be able to attract customers not only to your location but your menu items as well.

Utilize Media to your Advantage

Uploading photos and videos of your food and drink being prepared can be a great way to not only educate the average person on the process but to show that your process is safe and clean. Keeping an updated gallery of photos and videos from theme nights can show customers that your place is fun, modern, and exactly what they are looking for.

Interact with Customers to Build Trust

When you are consistently engaging with people posting comments and reviews of your business to your social media page, you are establishing a brand-customer relationship that will keep them coming back. Showing that you care about the business and the people visiting it will ensure that these first-time customers become long-term ones.

The 3 Drinking Buddies Everyone Has

Happy friends drinking in a pubGoing out for drinks with your friends can be a great way to kick off the weekend or celebrate a special event. When visiting your local pub in La Grange, IL, you may have a set group of friends that you go out with. Everyone drinks and acts differently, and you most likely have at least one of these three drinking buddies in your friend group.

  1. The Enabler

Everyone has that friend who is continually buying shots, another round, or pushing others in the group to do so. If you are out with the enabler of your group, you are in for a long, blurry night. Drink a lot of water and have a nice meal before the drinks start coming your way to help stave off the effects of what the enabler places in your hand.

  1. The Speed Drinker

The speed drinker is always the first one done with their beer and is likely a round or two ahead of everyone else in the group. If they are a lightweight, this is a recipe for disaster. However, if your speed drinking friend can hold their alcohol, then they can be the life of any party!

  1. The No Volume Control

The more they drink, the louder they get. Pub atmosphere can be a little chaotic on a busy night, but no matter where this person is, they keep getting louder and louder as the night goes on. A few rounds in and you will be able to hear them from a mile away!

The History of the Irish Pub, Part 2

Decorative Irish barWhen Irish people began immigrating to the United States in the 19th century, they brought many of their traditions with them. Like all immigrants, Irish people in America needed something to remind them of their home country, and Irish pubs were already gathering places back home, so they offered a natural solution. Like all cultural practices in America, the Irish pub was altered and combined with other cultures’ features to create something unique.

The majority of Irish pubs today serve beer, spirits, and roadhouse-style food like burgers, sandwiches, and appetizers. Many of them use traditional Irish décor and building features on the interior and exterior of the building and often feature televised sports or live music.

Convenience, Comfort, and Tradition

Today, there are thousands of Irish pubs throughout the United States and the rest of the world due to the millions of Irish emigrants during the 19th and 20th centuries. These pubs may vary in the types of food they serve, the languages their patrons speak, and other features, but they all serve as fun, comforting, and traditional gathering places for people of all backgrounds. When you are looking for great bars in La Grange, IL, Kenny’s Irish Pub should be your first stop.

The History of Irish Pubs, Part 1

Sepia photo of an Irish pub in DublinPub culture in Ireland has a long history full of camaraderie and friendship, and pubs have been a social and community center. The Irish pub is not only a place to drink, but a place where people can meet friends, neighbors, and create new relationships in a casual atmosphere.

The oldest pub in Ireland was established in the 10th century and resides in Athlone, County Westmeath. In the 19th century, Irish pubs needed to adapt to the declining spirit sales and developed a “spirit grocery” system. Pub owners would combine their business with other business aspects, such as a grocery or hardware store. This trend continued until the introduction supermarkets and grocery store chains in the 1960s.

Irish pubs first began serving food in the 1970s and have been associated with a variety of great writers in Irish culture. James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, and Oscar Wilde have all written stories centered within an Irish pub. Irish pubs are also a host of great music experiences, and their inclusive atmosphere allows musicians of all types to come together and play for customers.

Irish pubs can create a pleasant atmosphere between friends and strangers who visit. If you are looking for a pub in La Grange, IL, with the look and feel of a traditional Irish pub, visit Kenny’s Irish Pub today.