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The Top 3 Beers to Have on Tap this Fall

Assorted beers in a flightWhen you own a sports bar in Countryside, IL, one sure way to draw in customers this season is to have an impressive selection of fall beers on tap. Fall beers, especially craft beers, are trendy and when your bar has the best of the best, word will travel fast.

Below are three solid fall beers to have on tap this season.

  1. Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin is the ultimate fall staple, and plenty of big name and craft breweries make delicious pumpkin ales during the fall. This ale will provide a seasonal taste with a great mix of hops and malt to accompany anyone’s beer preference.

  1. American Brown Ale

Brown ales can be a great compliment to the fall season. These beers can come in a variety of flavors that are ideally suited for fall weather and can contain nutty, caramel, and toffee notes that are perfect for a chilly evening at the bar.

  1. Red Ale

Red ales are a great way to bring the Halloween vibes to your bar. Many varieties contain a great balance of citrusy hops and caramel malt to create a perfect fall festival taste. Red ale is the perfect beer to cater to a horror-themed night as it gets closer to October 31st.