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How to Create an Amazing Bar Theme Night

Neon bar signsHosting a theme night at your bar can be incredibly fun, and developing the idea can be just as exciting. Creating a theme night that will be a hit with both your regulars and new visitors can be challenging, but below are a few tips to help the idea click for you and your customers.

  1. Think about your audience

When hosting a theme night, consider your regular audience. Sports bars in La Grange, IL, for example, wouldn’t benefit much by hosting a fancy wine tasting. You want to make sure your idea will resonate with your customers, so take some time to think about your brand and what your regulars enjoy.

  1. Be creative

Once you have come up with your idea, have fun with it! One of the best parts of a theme night is that it allows you to get creative with your business and provide you with the opportunity to stand out from competitors. If you are having trouble, try adding your own spin on more classic ideas.

  1. Stick to your brand

One of the most critical aspects of the theme is to stay true to your brand. A theme night can be great, but if it does not resonate with how your business has advertised thus far, your audience may find it strange and it could negatively impact your turn out.