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The Three Most Popular Types of Beer

Mug of beerWhether you are looking to unwind after work or get the family together for the big game, Kenny’s Irish Pub is one of the best sports bars in La Grange, IL. We offer an extensive food and drink menu so you can relax with a delicious burger and an ice cold beer. When it comes to beer, there are a variety of different types and flavors to choose from, but below are the top 3 most popular amongst craft and domestic brands.

Ale: Ale is one of the oldest types of beers and comes in two different types, brown and pale ales. Brown ales tend to be light on the hops and have a mild, nutty flavor. Pale ale is lighter in color and can have a varying range of hops depending on the brewing process.

Stout: Stouts are very dark beers and tend to be sweeter than the different ales. Oatmeal stouts are the most popular variety, but many craft brewers will brew their take on a chocolate stout for those who are into sweeter beverages.

Lager: Lagers are a newer type of beer that is brewed with a different kind of yeast than ales and stouts.  Due to the slower brewing process, lager tends to have lower alcohol content than other beers, and though they do contain hops, their taste is not quite as distinguished and bitter.