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What Makes a Great Burger?

Double stacked burgers and French friesThe burger is the epitome of pub food and can make or break a sports bar’s name. Every restaurant, fast food joint, and Irish pub in Countryside, IL has their over version of the best burger ever and crafts their signature style for preparation and presentation. When it comes to crafting the perfect burger, the basics are what matters most. Whether you choose to top it with lettuce and tomato or mushrooms and Swiss, below are the main things that turn a good burger into a great one.

The Bun: Though many may not consider it the most critical aspect, the bun is everything when it comes to a great burger. When choosing the bread for a burger, a potato bun or brioche roll will disintegrate in seconds once topped with a juicy patty. Thicker, more robust bun choices such as toasted sourdough rolls provide a much cleaner and enjoyable eating experience.

The Burger: When it comes to choosing the right patty for your perfect burger, high fat content is the key, ideally around 40%. It is also essential to ensure the patty has plenty of flavors, even before you add in all the sauces and seasonings and this can be achieved by purchasing well-aged beef. A few ways to enhance your burger can be by adding stout soaked bread crumbs to the mix or using a coarser grind for the meat.

The Toppings: Every pub likes to create their signature burger, but if the toppings do not blend well together then it will be a colossal flop. If you’re adding cheese, skip the American and go for something with more taste too it, such as a mature cheddar or Swiss. Pickles are also a huge hit on burgers, and the right amount can easily replace wilted lettuce and tomatoes. Most importantly, you want to get your sauce right. Ditch the generic barbeque and top your burger with something more robust like a homemade relish or fine spicy mustard.